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Adman Madman - Unapologetically Prahlad
Prahlad Kakar with Rupangi Sharma

In 1971, clutching a princely sum of three hundred rupees in his pocket, Prahlad Kakar arrived in Bombay Central station. During his early days of dire struggle, he slept on benches in train stations and on the sofas of reluctant friends. Scratching the underbelly of Colaba Causeway, he learnt many life lessons for his survival and eventual climb to notoriety.


Four decades later, he swears by Murphy's law, 'Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.' Murphy is certainly not a figment of anyone's imagination, but a gargoyle plucked from VT station, who is sitting crouched on your shoulder and waiting for an opportunity to pee into your ear. Come and share some uproarious laughs with the Indian ad industry's feared and beloved leprechaun as he takes you on this rollercoaster ride. From the bizarre to the brazen, prepare yourself for one hell of a journey.


Why does Prahlad have the right to lay claim to Shabana Azmi's second toe?


Why did Satish Shah pretend to be a chauffeur during a shoot?


Can a parachute-landing fall save you from a dating disaster?


How did a pig drive a member of the film crew straight to the shrink?


Meet Dumbell the Doberman. And Head of Outstanding Collections.


In this no-holds-barred memoir, Prahlad serves up scoops of his most unforgettable experiences, peppered with viciously funny anecdotes from his personal life and seasoned with lessons on how to tell a riveting story in thirty seconds.


Learn secrets of the trade to create memorable brands. Travel behind the scenes of celebrated advertisements that launched the careers of models who then went on to become famous Bollywood actors. Hear about the genesis of this accidental serial entrepreneur. And, above all, learn how to live life with complete abandon from none other than the enfant terrible of the advertising industry. As the man who wears many hats, literally and figuratively, Prahlad tips his hat to life's incidental wisdom with raucous laughter.


From those who have a love for advertising to those who have a zest for life, from the young to the old, this memoir will capture your heart and your mind, and tickle your funny bone.


Statutory Warning: This book may cause you to fall off your chair!

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