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'Rupangi Sharma has written an extraordinary collection of stories about young children who have done exceptionally well by not only thinking innovatively but actually implementing their ideas to make a difference. Truly inspirational' -- Prahlad Kakar

'If you have a dream, and if you aspire to make an impact, you should read this book. These sixty-five real-life stories will invoke your entrepreneurial urge, and inspire you to pursue your passion. Here is a beautifully written book, for every young Indian who has ambitions of contributing usefully to society' -- Harish Bhat


'If we keep bombarding our children with weapons of mass instruction, their overwhelmed brains will look for weapons of mass distraction. So excited about this book reaching as many parents and educators as possible, so that all of India is shaken away from the false belief that academic success in board examinations is the only path to life success. This book paves the way, for us all, to think about human potential, purpose and possibilities in new and exciting ways. It will shift the questions we ask our children from "What do you want to be when you grow up?" to "Who do you want to be when you grow up?" and "How would you like to contribute to the world?" to "What world problem do you want to solve?". The "old genius" scored as close to 100 per cent as possible in the board exams. This book is about the "new genius". Each of the children featured have found meaning and purpose and this book and the stories it tells will ignite inspiration in parents, teachers and society to reimagine what learning, creating, innovating and contributing is. This book will herald a change we want to see in the way we educate and parent our children'

-- Lina Ashar

'Recommended reading for everyone, a pulsating energy of innovation connects these sixty-five stories of youngsters who have created scalable solutions to real-life problems. They show us that nothing is impossible. If you can push your limits, you can change the world' -- Kiran Bedi

'A must-read book that celebrates the stories of this generation for many more to come! The entire book is replete with phenomenal real-life stories and hard-earned lessons. Above all, reminding us all yet again that we need to treat our children as our collaborators not mere beneficiaries' -- Deepak Ramola

'Rupangi has curated essential stories of young achievers, who are inspiring, inventive and incredible in every way. These stories are proof that it's the world of the restless and relentless youth, we are just living in it' -- Nikhil Taneja

'The sixty-five stories that leap out from the pages of Young Indian Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Change-makers will provoke your inner voice to pose a question: "If these young people can solve real-life problems, then why not me?" This will set you on a path to seek solutions and make our world a better place' -- Rajesh Srivastava

'In the world of tomorrow, our children will need to be innovative thinkers, dreamers and tinkerers. Rupangi Sharma's collection captures sixty-five stories of groundbreaking change that illuminates the path to breaking the mould fearlessly and models it for children and parents alike. We are at a critical crossroads in education, and we need to reimagine the future of learning and teaching urgently. Rupangi's book holds the key to discovering how students can learn to be innovative, think big and reinvent themselves to address real-world problems that they have a burning passion to solve. What does it take to be an innovator, entrepreneur and changemaker? Read this book to find out!' -- Avnita Bir

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