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Nurturing your inner voice

Here's your reminder to keep making efforts at nurturing your inner voice 🙌

When no one believes in you, you have to learn to believe in yourself. Society has certain ideas and roles that it expects you to fulfill and if you fall short of any of these monumental tasks—the social construct begins to feel like a noose around your neck.

In these moments, it's important to remember that in the end, public memory is short lived so don't live life trying to please those voices that represent this social construct (they're in your head, but essentially they're not part of you & the sooner you can separate those voices from your own⁠—the better).

But of course, the angst you feel is real. Society does exist and after all, human beings are social animals.

So create a new voice in your head. Make it a strong one. This one is the rebel. This one is all you. Make it as witty as you can. Let all that sparkling sarcasm and humor hidden within you shine with this voice. If you make it come alive and if you make it entertaining enough, it will drown the other voices out.

This will be the voice that serves you. It will help you grow. Make sure you tend to this voice daily—let it be humble and grateful. Let it be honest⁠—that's really important. Let it hold you accountable. Let it push you to explore life beyond its limits. Let it be a guiding force that is so powerful that it leads you to be the best version of yourself everyday and in turn & with time, helps you inspire others.

Teach it to learn the art of reframing⁠—this is the secret to being happy. Teach it to reframe every negative situation as a positive one so you can find strength in yourself. Teach it to dual with the other voices in your head. Teach it to weaken them.

Because in life, you will find yourself in situations upon which you have no control. These situations will cause tremendous emotional trauma to you and you will feel like everything is spiraling. During these times, you must find the strength to let go.

And it really helps if you can tell yourself a new story and cast yourself in the leading role. No one else is going to do this for you, so if you teach your voice to tell you a story with its foundation in strength and positivity, you will overcome half your battle. Follow the same storytelling arc you see in books and movies. These stories will help you become a witness to your life and as a witness you're in an empowered position to make the positive changes you want to see in your life.

Tell your voice to remind you that you're running a marathon, not a sprint. Teach it to be kind to you and compassionate towards others. Teach it to love you. Teach it to be the flame that lights your passions. Then, listen to this voice. Listen and learn.

And remember (especially in the toughest of times) to keep a close eye on how you mold your voice because the truth is that the image you carve into it will ultimately become who you are.

Sending peace, love and happiness your way🙏💗💗💗

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